This version of the Visionlift is the original and is still circulating- but has been discontinued as of January 2019.


Using a dual shock system, it lifts the cover and places it behind the tub- providing the user with a clean visual line- allowing your client to see your backyard, socialize with guests and keep an eye on any children or pets while using their hot tub. The Visionlift provides a full 360 degree view. The Visionlift is UltraLift’s most universal fitting lifter. 

• Made in North America 

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

• Aluminum Brackets 

• Galvanized Arms 

• 110lb Dual Gas Shocks 

• Positions Cover Fully Behind Hot Tub 

• Max Cover Width: 98"

• Clearance Required: 10-14" & 5" on the Side 


SMP Specialty Metal Products | Ultralift

P: 905-568-4459 |  1-800-597-1343 

F: 905-568-4059



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